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Artist Statement

Relationships and identities appear at the forefront of my work, but not the ones you’d normally expect. Exploring identity is an important aspect of my life and my writing, and this is shown through the powerful women and queer characters that I create. Their stories are direct, invasive, and raw while they endeavor to live their truth, something I strive to do daily. 

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By Ann Truka

Jean, a non-binary children's book author and one-hit-wonder, is trying to craft their next piece of work - but what was once a story about an androgynous puppy exploring fashion is now something much Struggling through their writer's block, they invite the audience to join them on an insightful journey navigating family relationships and what it's like to feel different.

A Night To Remember

By Ann Truka

A collection of vignettes depicting high schoolers navigating identity and love on one of the most important nights of the year - PROM!

Sifting through identities is best done under a disco ball

aVE Maria

By Ann Truka

Alone and cold, Maria stumbles back into her harsh reality: sober with an unavailable boyfriend. Looking for some adventure in her life, Maria joins Eve and is swept off her feet… and into a world that bows down to a hot chick on a motorcycle. 


The worst New Year’s resolution yet. 


Maria - early 20’s, woman, simple and endearing

Eve - early 20’s, woman, mysterious and charming

Officer - late 30’s, any gender, harsh and critical

I Need My Space

By Ann Truka

Louise and Preston are traveling through space when something goes terribly wrong! Without knowing when or where their journey will end, they must work together to remain positive when it seems like all hope is lost. Will they make it back to Earth or continue to drift deeper into outer space? Either way, they have each other and a deck of cards.


Louise - Commander of the ship

Preston - RIght-hand man

Mission Control  

Virgins Anonymous

By Ann Truka

Grappling with the modern concept of virginity, Athena rants about the inequity of genders, grieves lost love, and provides tips on dealing with men-- both mortal and divine-- at Virgins Anonymous: a group dedicated to those burdened with this so-called “purity.” 


Athena - ageless, opinionated yet vulnerable, goddess of wisdom and war... and virginity

And I Feel Fine...

By Ann Truka

Written for the first Quarantine Bake-Off, this play follows Smith, on the verge of breaking down. Smith convinces Sherrie to go out for the afternoon in an effort to get their minds off the chaos of the world for a while.

Smith - 23, any gender, blunt and anxious

Sherrie - 23, female, open-minded yet reasonable

Doug - 23, male, Target employee

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